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Slice and Dice your Monster Hunter Prowess in NPUK Slays #1

Written by Adam Williams

NPUK Slays is a 7-week long Monster Hunter Rise competition based around hunters showing how impressive they can be with all the weapons of the game.

Each week, two weapons face-off against each other by hunters submitting their most impressive kills with the highlighted weapons

The weapon with the most submissions will have their video clips voted on by a panel of three judges. One clip will be deemed the most impressive, and the hunter rewarded with a £10 Nintendo eShop code.

How to enter

To enter, capture a video clip of you defeating a monster in Monster Hunter Rise using one of the two highlighted weapons for a given week, and upload it to Twitter along with the competition hashtag #NPUKSlays

One entry per week per player. 

Open to hunters in the UK and Ireland only.


Each weekly competition starts and ends at 6PM on the following dates.

Week 1  (11th July to 17th July)  Great Sword VS. Long Sword [ NOW LIVE! ]

Week 2  (18th July to 24th July)  Hammer VS. Hunting Horn

Week 3  (25th July to 31st July)  Sword Shield VS. Dual Blades

Week 4  (1st Aug to 7th Aug)  Light Bowgun VS Heavy Bowgun

Week 5  (8th Aug to 14th Aug)  Lance VS. Gunlance

Week 6  (15th Aug to 21st Aug)  Switch Axe VS. Charge Blade

Week 7  (22nd Aug to 28th Aug)  Insect Glaive VS. Bow


Competition organised by Adam Williams
Written by Adam Williams and Paul Russell
Graphics by Paul Russell