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The Nintendo Players UK Splatoon 2 National Try Outs - Help us find the best teams for the Splatoon 2 UK Championships

Written by StreetPass UK

Gear up, Inklings, and get ready to splat together in an effort to gain a coveted space in the official Splatoon 2  UK Championship! As Mentioned in Nintendo UK’s news post, seen here, Nintendo Players UK will be hosting its own series of tournaments for the new Nintendo Switch title in an effort to find two teams that will attend EGX 2017  to represent Nintendo Players UK in the Splatoon 2 UK Championship Grand Final!

18 Groups from all over the country are working to assemble their own Splatoon 2 teams in an effort to find the freshest Splatoon 2 players in the Nintendo Players UK community.  There will be two regional finals, with an aim to form two Nintendo Players UK teams, NPUK North and NPUK South! These teams will then represent the Nintendo Players UK community, and turf, under the spotlights at EGX 2017!

Reckon you’ve got the skills? Think you won’t “Get Cooked”? Well head down to your nearest local NPUK Qualifier and ‘Try Out’ at their event! Each group will test their squad in unique ways to find the players whose skills are “Off the Hook” before taking them to their regional final – a special event hosted by the Squid Research Lab itself – where they will play off in an organised tournament using ranked game types. Click through to each group below to get details on what their events entail, and how they will choose their teams!


The ink will fly at these locations!


Nintendo Reading




Nintendo Durham




Nintendo Norwich




Nintendo Basingstoke


Nintendo Birmingham


Nintendo Preston


Nintendo Essex


Nintendo Newcastle


Nintendo South Wales




Nintendo Manchester


Battlefield Glasgow


Nintendo Portsmouth




Nintendo Gloucester


Nintendo Nottingham


Engage Gaming Aberdeen




Nintendo Brighton 27th August




Switch London

Event TBA


*Note: Nintendo North Wales have already had their try outs for their Splatoon 2 team. We shall see them on the Regional Splatterfield soon!



The Qualifier events listed above will have rules determined by each group in a manner befitting expected attendance (for queries related to Qualifiers, please contact groups via social media directly).  The regional tournaments will use a more standard rule set agreed among the Nintendo Players UK Community.

Rules for the Qualifier events will be revealed soon.

Control scheme:  Any (Motion Controls will be available. If you wish to use a pro controller then please bring it with you as some events may not be able to supply one)



Q – Do I need my own Nintendo Switch and a copy of Splatoon 2?
A – Please check with your local group for a definitive answer, but as Splatoon 2 is a third person shooter that doesn’t support split screen, if you can take a Switch to an event it may help it run smoother. Also, you’ll have your gear on your own console… Oh and if you prefer to play on a specific controller, we recommend supplying that.

Q -Can I bring my amiibo with a custom setup?

A- If you’re saved your Splatoon 2 gear loadout to a compatible Splatoon series amiibo it could help an event run much more smoothly, especially as we can’t guarantee that a particular outfit or weapon has necessarily been unlocked on an event system. Also, y’know, having a cool mascot in front of you is highly encouraged!

Q – What controls can I use? I have a preference…
A – You can use any! Just remember to bring your preferred controller with you – we aren’t made of Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers…

Q – What prizes are in store?
A – Individual event prizes TBC, but winning a local event will secure your position at the north or south regional finals, and winning one of those events will get you to EGX 2017!

Q – When will the regional and EGX finals be?
A – Dates of the Regional Finals are TBC, please keep an eye on Nintendo Players UK’s Facebook page and Twitter account to stay up to date with announcements.

Q – Will I need to buy a ticket/pay travel for the regionals/finals?
A – Tickets and travel for EGX will be supplied. Stipends for regional events may be available on discussion.

Q – I qualified at an event but can’t make the Regional Qualifier/EGX Final due to reasons.
A – Your place will be passed onto the second place competitor at the event or, failing that, your position will be played for at EGX or at the regionals.

Q – I’ve already qualified, can I compete at another event?
A – You can compete, just to save event organisers the stress of checking against qualified players, but your qualifying place will go to the next highest ranking player(s) that is yet to qualify.

Q – Why isn’t there a qualifier near me/in my town/on my front door!?
A – The eighteen “Try Outs” events were chosen based on a mix of first come, first served, and those that represent a strong spread of active Nintendo Players UK groups. To find an unofficial Nintendo Community group near you to complain to directly, or see if your area lacks a group (a good impetus to start one yourself), check our community map here: /find/

However there are other ways to qualify if you cannot make it to the NPUK “Try Outs”, Nintendo will be making slots available through online events, at EGX 2017 and at Insomnia61! See the official Nintendo UK news post for more details by clicking here.


Q – I’ve got a super specific question about this thing that you haven’t thought of!
A – Oooh that’s a great question! If you could write it down in the comments we’ll try our best to get an answer for you as soon as possible. Or throw it at your local group via Facebook.

And with that, there’s nothing else left to say apart from splat away, and Stay Fresh!!