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The NP-HUE-K Runbow Tournament!

Written by StreetPass UK

Welcome to the Nintendo Players HUE-K Runbow Tournament! 

To celebrate the release of Runbow finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch, we will be hosting a tournament, supported by 13 AM Games,  involving the various Nintendo Player groups all around the UK.

Find your local Nintendo Players group and let the admin know that you'd like to take part!


What is Runbow?

"Runbow is the party platformer you've been waiting for! With tons of characters, costumes and crazy game modes. Runbow is full of colourful chaos that you just have to experience yourself."


What you'll need:

Nintendo Switch

Be a part of your Nintendo Players UK Community, you can find your local one here!  https://nintendoplayers.uk/find

An Internet connection

A team of 4 - you can come in as a whole team or join a team within your, Players will be submitted through the Nintendo Player groups

A copy of Runbow for the Nintendo Switch

Discord NPUK Server: https://discordapp.com/invite/GnYhKK4 



Game Modes: Run, Arena, King of the Hill

Difficulty: Medium (Run Only)

Powerups: All Powerups (Run and Arena Only)

Rounds: 30 Round of Run, 20 round Arena, 10 rounds King of the hill (Est 60-90 mins in total)

Palette: 8 Colours



Each participating Nintendo Players Group should have four players to represent them as a team. The absolute minimum size is two players (depending on interest and total groups participating). We will only have one team per region, it's important to state that if there are 4 players that are interested all four are available to participate. If more than four players want to play from a particular region, then it will be determined by the Group Leader of that area and will be left to their discretion. 

There will be four weeks of competition, each round will be held at the same time each week (Provisionally 8 pm Sunday) – in terms of dates, the teams will be decided by the 14th of September 2018. The tournament will start on the 16th of September 2018. If you want to take part please contact your local NPUK group admin using the link above before then.

The tournament will run for 4 weeks, with one member participating each week. The member will need to be confirmed in advance of that week's set, this will be arranged on our dedicated Discord channel (link above). You can also speak to the Tournament Organisers (TO) and associated admins to help with the organisation of the tournament.

Though not preferred, if a team has less than four players, each member will play their initial games and then the team should decide who plays the remainder of the matches. No player should play in more than two sessions back to back, in this scenario. 

If there are 8 teams playing, then it will be one lobby with the 9th player acting as either TO/Streamer (online has a maximum of 9 players per lobby). We will look to run 2 lobbies if there is enough interest, which will have one organiser/streamer in each, the allocation of groups in those lobbies will be randomised for week 1, then half of each group will be swapped to the other group for week 2. This will be done again for week 3 and week 4.



Players will compete in the  Run, Arena, and King of the Hill modes. 30 Rounds of Run, 20 rounds or Arena and 10 rounds of King of the Hill. The points gained at the end of each of these sets will be directly added to the league table. The person in charge of the lobby will be technically involved in each match, however they are not to move once the match has started, as they are purely there as a referee. Screenshots will need to be taken by the person running the lobby, both at the end of each match and of the final results screen in case further stats are required to determine placement at the end of the league such as head to head results, where applicable. To enable this to take place, it’d be nice if the players held off from jiggling their results before continuing to the next game. After that, it’s fair game.

It will be the responsibility of the group founder (or an anointed team captain) to be the point of contact, ensure that friend codes are exchanged with the lobby host and that their player is ready to Runbow at the correct time. A grace period of 5 minutes will be given where contact is made prior to the start of the lobby to indicate lateness, otherwise, late players will have to join the next available set and lose the points for that individual set.



Taunting is actively encouraged, it’s in the game for a reason.  However please keep it civil, while we encourage friendly banter and taunting offline or in discord, we are acting against poor sportsmanship and abusive behaviour. Players are representing both Nintendo Players and the Runbow community as well. 


Character Selection:

To make it easier for the streamer to call the action and for results to be confirmed, character choice will need to be declared before the game begins i.e. alongside confirmation of the player for the week in the Discord channel. These will be strictly on a first-come, first served basis (@everyone will be pinged when registration for the next week is opened, any confirmation prior to this ping will not count). Groupings will be confirmed before registration is open, so a player in each group will be able to use (for example) Unity-chan. Players using Hue or Val will need to declare their colour, but do not need to declare their costume as the game results will recognise them by colour only. We'd want the characters to be declared by the Friday before that week's games. This will help us organise and get to the action quickly. Thank you in advance for your co-operation. 



When we are able to confirm prizes we will let you know as soon as possible. Please keep checking our Twitter for updates.


Further Information:

Please make sure to keep your Discord notifications from the Nintendo Players UK server, to keep up to date of any changes/new information. Please refer to the TL/TO contact list pinned on the Nintendo Players UK Server for contact info.



It’s unfortunate if a player disconnects during a set, but matches will not be re-run due to the chaotic and quick nature of the game.  If a player disconnects, they should make sure they alert the person running the lobby so that the next set can be delayed by up to 5 minutes, if necessary, should they need to restart their switch/router etc. If they are not ready to go within this time period, the next set will begin without them. If it is the lobby host that has disconnected, the set will be re-run, with only the number of matches that had yet to be completed. As rounds can only be set to increments of 5, only the first X rounds will count.



If for any reason, you know you are going to be late, or are not able to make your allocated match, you should contact your team leader immediately, no later than an hour before the match. This is to ensure enough time to make any arrangements (i.e. requesting a delayed start, swapping out players). If you are late and no one has been notified, you will have to try and join the next available set of the session. If you are a no show and no one has been notified, you will be put onto reserve in case of any other unscheduled dropouts, regardless of what team you are on. If there are no other dropouts, unfortunately, you will not be able to participate.


Thank you to Pawl S.Lax helping us get into to contact with 13 AM Games and setting up the original rules for the tournament! 

Special thanks to 13 AM Games for helping to support the tournament and creating such a wonderful game. You can support them on their website and learn more about their upcoming games here:  http://www.13amgames.com

 As well as check out the interview we did with them on our Youtube channel!