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Welcome to the Nintendo Players SQUID LEAGUE!

Written by Faz_D

Welcome, Inklings of all style and skill, to the NPUK Squid League! Nintendo Players UK are on the search for the best Splatoon 2 squid squad in the UK!

Whether you’re a well-practised quartet or a solo player hungry to dive into more competitive play. Nintendo Players UK groups around the UK are looking for teams, check out your local group to see if they are participating in the online Squid League and join in!  


How to Join:

Similar to the Splatoon 2 UK Championship qualifiers we held last year, this will be constructed through the Nintendo Player groups around the UK! So do get in touch with your local group leaders!

Don't know where to find one? You can find your local group here!  


Once teams have been assembled,  teams around the UK will face off each other online!


What you need:

Your own copy of Splatoon 2.

An online connection.

A way of communicating with your team members (we recommend Discord)

Preferred controller type.



The tournament will be run online with teams of 4 people, NPUK Group Founders. will let you know of your team members and your brackets for whom you are up against.

The teams will face off each other in a Round Robin style. Each face-off will be made up of two-game sets. 

Set One will consist of a best of 5 (first to 3 wins) matches in, Turf Wars. 

Set Two will consist of a best of 5 (first to 3 wins) in  Ranked Battles, where each game type will be played. 

The winning team of each set will be awarded 3 points and the runner-up 1 point. Meaning the maximum point that can be earned in each bracket is 6 while the lowest is 2.

All weapons and gear are allowed and all battles will be played in random stages!

Once the Round Robins are done, the top 8 teams with the highest points will duke it out to determine our top winners!

All teams will play in a full round robin with the top 8 advancing to a knockout contest to find our champion!


Finally, once all the heats are done, the Teams with the Top 8 points will go head to head in an elimination set up. Which be live-streamed on our Twitch Channel! Be sure to follow and take part in our community streams!



See you on the Splatterfield!