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Welcome to the Triple Indigo Championship

Written by Faz_D

Welcome trainers! Nintendo Players UK presents the Triple Indigo Championship. Trainers will battle across the land in team-based combat to represent their Nintendo groups. Who will then face each other in a double elimination tournament, to find the very best in the Nintendo Players UK community. The game is Pokken Tournament DX, the Pokemon fighting game that released last year for the Nintendo Switch.  



  • Game: Pokken Tournament DX for the Nintendo Switch
  • Double Elimination Tournament, with two players individually representing their respective NPUK group.
  • The tournament will be using the Team Battle mode where each player must select THREE Pokemon to battle with.


  • Groups are responsible for selecting their two players (ideally two plus one substitute) for the tournament.  The method of selection is at the discretion of each group and can include (but is not restricted to) selection via online or physical event-based knockout tournament.
  • All players must be a member of their respective group on Facebook as of 1st June 2018, and if they are a member of multiple groups they can only represent one group and cannot change once they have decided. (should there be issues please contact your admins)
  • Players must be selected by the end of 31st July 2018, ready for names to be passed to the organisers.
  • All players and substitutes must be available FOR the final on 4th August.  If any of the two players are unable to make it, then the substitute will stand in for the respective player.


Nintendo Basildon

Nintendo Belfast

Nintendo Glasgow

Nintendo Gloucestershire

Nintendo Lincoln

Nintendo Manchester

Nintendo Newcastle

Nintendo Norwich

Nintendo North Wales

Nintendo Nottingham

Nintendo South Wales

Nintendo Social Groups

Note: Some of these may have been completed already, please talk to the relevant admin if you want to take part.


  • This is a team battle, i.e. players will be battling with three Pokémon.
  • All Characters are allowed, including Shadow Mewtwo and any DLC characters. 
  • Team battle (i.e. three Pokémon).
  • Ferrum Stadium
  • Note: You don't need the DLC to take part in the Tournament however it will help to have knowledge on the DLC support and Matchups.


  • Once selections are done, The full tournament rounds will be a ‘best of one’, with the winner progressing through the bracket. 
  • Double Eliminations means that each player must lose twice to be eliminated from the tournament.
  • After their first loss, the player will be sent down to a ''Losers Bracket'' during their respective round to face against others.
  • During the final, the finalists from the losers reset the bracket in order to win the whole tournament. The finalists on the winners' side must only win once.


  • If there is a disconnection due to network error, (and not human decision), the game will be replayed.  This replay must be allowed by players if the following criteria are met:
    • The disconnection happened during the first two rounds of play.
    • The player which disconnected was not heavily losing the game.
  • During the replayed game, players must use the exact same main and support Pokémon that they used during the original game, and on the same stage. There are no changes allowed between the original game and the replay.
  • If players cannot connect to each other, or continue to suffer connection issues, the following rules apply:
    1. The player with the least amount of games lost automatically wins. In case of a tie, Rule 2 will be implemented.
    2. Both players record a loss.


The full tournament bracket will be held on Saturday 4th August, starting at 7pm. Updates to this will be made in due course.

Please remember to check with your local Nintendo group for more information about qualification.