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You are invited to Just Dance Memories

Written by StreetPass UK

The PARTY SEASON is upon us! All over the world friends and families are getting together, and I am sure we're not the only ones that can't help but mix their love of video games with the season, am I right!? Just Dance is a firm favourite in our household that always comes out when there is a gathering. It's the perfect game to enjoy with kids and grown ups alike, creating those amazing memories to cherish forever! (Helps after a hearty meal too!) But what if those memories were not forever? Imagine not knowing who your loved ones were?  Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s Disease is such a devastating illness, it's a condition that brings on demntia, which robs people of their most prized possession, the one thing that we can rely on to cheer us up or give us purpose, our memories! 

To combat dementia, research shows that completing physical activities you used to enjoy helps to bring back those lost memories and what better way to help the body and mind than dancing?

Ubisoft and Just Dance have partnered with Alzheimer’s Research UK to help raise funds to help find the next big, much needed breakthrough in dementia research and Nintendo Players groups around UK are getting involved BIG TIME! We are joining forces with Ubisoft to create Just Dance Memories events!

Throughout this party season the Nintendo Players UK groups will be hosting Dance parties during their events. The events are free to attend, there will be dance offs, leaderboards and full on tournaments (for those wanting to strut their stuff) or just have some fun throwing shapes for those who are a little shy of the spotlight. There will be lots going on at each and every party all with their own flavour. Some groups will be holding raffles, some cake sales, all events will be different BUT will have 2 things in common.

  1. Raising money for a fantastic charity!
  2. Having a total blast!

From parties in Libraries to Coffee Shops, you can bet it will be fun, and lots of memories will be made and hopefully kept forever!

However that's not all! As well as attending these awesome dance parties, Ubisoft are doing a lot of activity to help raise money online!

- £1 is donated for every share of their partnership video with Alzheimer's Research UK.

- £1 is donated for every social media post including the hashtag " #JustDanceMemories"

Please check out where your nearest party is and give them support in raising money for this much needed charity that could well affect each and everyone of us in the future! So get busy sharing that video and Hashtag, and, if you can’t make it to one of our Dance Parties don’t worry maybe you could hold your own? Check out Just Dance Memories website for details on how to raise money and have fun yourself.


Nintendo Players UK Just Dance Memories Parties:


Host: Nintendo Liverpool
Event: Just Dance for Alzheimer’s! (Just Dance Memories Charity Event)
Location: Dough Bar, Grand Central, Hilbre Street, Liverpool, L3 5GA
Featured Games: Just Dance 2020, Pokémon Sw/Sh, N64 Games.



Host: Nintendo Basingstoke
Event: Festive Boogie and Battle (Just Dance Memories Charity Event)
Location: Discovery Centre, Basingstoke
Featured Games: Just Dance 2020, Pokémon Sword & Shield.


Host: Nintendo Gloucestershire
Event: Nintendo Quiz 2019 (Just Dance Memories Charity Event)
Location: Gloucester Guildhall, GL1 1NS
Featured Games: Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Pokémon Sword & Shield, Just Dance 2020


Host: Nintendo Newcastle
Event: Nintendo Newcastle’s Christmas Spectacular (Just Dance Memories Charity Event)
Location: Ambar, Odeon Metrocentre.
Featured Games: Just Dance 2020, Pokémon Sword & Shield, Smash, and more!




Host: Nintendo Chichester
Event: Just Dance for Alzheimer’s Research (Just Dance Memories Charity Event)
Location: The Chantry, Southgate, Chichester
Featured Games: Just Dance 2020.




Host: Nintendo Preston
Event: Nintendo Preston’s Festive Festivities (Just Dance Memories Charity Event)
Location: The Dark Room, Roper Hall, Preston
Featured Games: Just Dance 2020, Pokémon, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe & various retro Nintendo multiplayer games.



More events to be added for January and February 2020, watch this space or follow us on our socials for updates!