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Wergh wegh wegh WEERGHHHLuigi!

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Hey there! I've been a Nintendo fan for as long as I can remember - it all began with the SNES and Gameboy a way back when. I would love to get in touch with fellow fans. I'm a huge fan of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Pokemon and Smash Bros. games in particular, and am also into Animal Crossing and stocking up my Streetpass hits! Gotta also mention the Rareware games, particularly of the N64 era - massive fan of Banjo Kazooie and really excited about the Yooka Laylee Project!
As well as Nintendo games, I also have a fondness for classic Sega and Amiga games, and am a huge fan of the Monkey Island series, as well as other graphic point and click adventures.
I also own a Wii U - feel free to add! Always up for a round of Kart!

Yeah, I know, TL:DR XD Italktoomuch D:
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